The Warwick home is a beautiful 3-story 1892 craftsman. This home has qualities that most home owners are looking for, so we were glad we snagged it before someone else did! However, it was split up into separate apartments making it unconventional for a single family. Tamara did her magic and the finished product is phenomenal. Take a look below!

The entryway of the Warwick home is unique with the beautiful brick wall scaling all the way up to the second floor. Tamara picked the perfect light to fit with this style.

Artwork: Leopold Gallery | Lighting: Arteriors

The kitchen has three stunning lights that fit in with the bright/tidy look Tamara was going for.

Lighting: Wilson Lighting

I love the brick wall scaling up to the second floor. We added a modern light here to make the area pop. 

Lighting: Wilson Lighting

Adding these lights to the master closet makes the area seem more sophisticated.

Lighting: Arteriors

Lighting: Wilson Lighting | Shower door: Coastal Shower Doors | Candles: Battery Operated Candles | Artwork: Leopold Gallery

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