How do you pack for a trip? This is something that I struggle with due to the wide range of activities I usually do on vacation. During the day, I will be hiking but at night we will be out at a nice dinner or exploring the town. It’s hard to know what to pack and how to make your luggage as light as possible. Here’s a few tips I have on how to pack smart and light.

  1. Plan ahead. Find out if the place you’re staying at has washing machines. If so, you can pack extra light and do your laundry while you’re there. No need to pack 10 different shirts. If there isn’t washing machines, try rolling your clothes into your suitcase to save room. It’s crazy the amount of space you can save instead of folding.My Wife and I’s room and outdoor patio in South Africa. 
  2. Pack multipurpose clothes. Some of the most comfortable , longest lasting, and attractive undergarments are made of lightweight washable fast drying materials. The same with T-shirt’s and pants that you can wear everyday. An added tip for pants are the lightweight convertible pants. One of my favorite places to get multipurpose wear is REI. If you can find something like this in your wardrobe, you will be set! Photos from our hike during the day in Scotland. Kinda makes you want to go now, huh?
  3. If you’re traveling with your family, only pack one of certain items. There is no need for each of your family members to bring a tube of toothpaste or multiple shampoos and conditioners. I know these might seem like a small items but these small items add up. Just make sure one person remembers to bring them!
  4. My wife and I travel all around the world so we are always on those uncomfortably long flights. Something that I believe you should bring with you on long flights is a good travel pillow and blanket. Comfort is key so don’t pack lightly on relaxing items. There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep on a long flight!
  5. Wear your biggest/heaviest shoes on the flight. Not packing these kinds of items means you’ll have more room in your suitcase for souvenirs or just makes for a lighter load.
  6. If you can, try sharing a suitcase with someone. That way, you both can take turns wheeling it around.
  7. This tip might seem obvious but bring a small suitcase. If your suitcase is small, there’s not possible way you can overpack! Or if you’re in the market for a new suitcase look for the lightest weight one you can find. I personally prefer duffel bag style so my things can collapse in tight spaces or expanded when needed.
  8. Lastly, noise canceling headphones have been a life saver on long flights. I highly recommend purchasing them outside of long flights also. Amazon has some great ones that won’t break the bank.

 Let me know where you’re traveling to this year.