Hello reader, my name is Ward Schraeder. I am currently on the HGTV show, Bargain Mansions with my daughter, Tamara Day. Together, we renovate mansions in the Kansas City area and we enjoy every minute of it. I am actually not from the greater Kansas City area, I moved here in 2018 from my home in Salina, Kansas. Since being here, I have been looking for a place where I can play tennis and work out.

I have always valued staying in shape and health, at my age it is vital to me. I have been playing tennis on and off for about now. There is something about competitive sports that cannot be replaced by gym workouts and there are plenty of competitive opportunities at OPRC. About seven months ago, I found out about Overland Park Racquet Club. OPRC offers a variety of amenities; lessons, a full gym, work out classes, leagues, tournaments, and court time- both indoor and outdoor. Becoming a member was a no-brainer for me. I was interested in their court time, leagues, and gym. I can’t leave out my use of their state of the art gym; great equipment and trainers are available. This gym is definitely capable of challenging even the most physically fit athlete.

When I get to Overland Park Racquet Club, I am always greeted by a friendly staff member who helps me set up any court time or lessons that I would like to schedule. OPRC also has ball machines that I can reserve for when I am playing by myself or just need to get some reps in. There courts are well managed and with a facility that large, I never have trouble booking a court. Right now, I have only been playing indoors but I am looking forward to using the outdoor courts once Spring comes. The basement of Overland Park Racquet Club is a fully equipped gym, I like the fact that I could use the gym there instead of having to have a completely different gym membership; my whole work out plan is all in one place. Overland Park Racquet Club has allowed me to stay engaged in my love for tennis, improve my game, and stay fit and active.

I have been using the OPRC facilities for about 7 months and I have been very happy with my ability to get in, get in a gull work out, and still have time for tennis. I recommend everyone in the Kansas City to check them out!