On Bargain Mansions, we tried to make each master bedroom more elegant than the last. Tamara added her personal touches of wallpaper and lights while I focused on more important features like wet bars and saunas, ha! Enjoy!


Tamara stuck with neutral wallpaper and elegant lights to make this room feel inviting and cozy. This room makes me sleepy just looking at it!


The Locust master bedroom is one of my favorites (probably because there is a sauna and wet bar behind the beautiful french doors!).


This home had so many bedrooms that we could afford to turn three of the original bedrooms into this beautiful master suite.


The cozy fireplace in this bedroom was originally brought over to the US from France. It was in really good shape so we only had to clean it up.


Originally, this space had an impractical layout that was inconvenient for today’s home buyers. To make the area stand out, we removed a closet to expand and added on a beautiful balcony with french doors.

I’m curious to know which master bedroom was your favorite, leave a comment below.