It was great seeing everyone at shop BARGAIN MANSIONS this past weekend!

For those of you who aren’t local or weren’t able to come, we had a shop Bargain Mansions shopping event in our Locust house! Local Kansas City vendors were set up in every room for people to get holiday shopping done and to check out this cool house. It was delightful to see the following we’ve acquired over the past month and hear everyone’s feedback on the show! Hopefully we can do more of these events in the future!


The great thing about these old homes is that there’s always magnificent entryways. It’s something you don’t see in newer homes today. The first thing Tamara and I did was take out the old dark paneled plywood that was an eyesore. Then, we painted the dark wood white to make the entryway seem brighter and more welcoming.


Originally, in the back of the house sat this small kitchen that was just screaming to be updated. Made up of three small rooms consisting of a  breakfast nook, kitchen and patio, the layout seemed choppy and compact. For a house this size, you need a large kitchen! Not to mention, the old appliances and jankey cabinets needed to go!

I’m glad that we were able to take down a few walls to enlarge this kitchen and make this space feel less choppy. It truly is a chef’s dream kitchen.


Opening up this wall in the dining room created a more functional flow of the house.

It’s crazy to think the mural Tamara saved is original to this home. A little over 100 years old!


The dark wood paneling also had to go, it looked really outdated. If you watched the show, you might remember the built in desk in the corner that we tore out thinking there would be hardwood underneath. Spoiler alert: there was not hardwood underneath. Instead of putting in new hardwood flooring, we added a bookcase to make the living room seem more symmetrical and painted the area white to match the entryway.



Unfortunately, we couldn’t salvage the parts in this bathroom right off the kitchen. But, we updated making the bathroom more modern and tried to add features like the console sink to allow this home still have it’s 1900’s charm.

Tune in later this week to see Locust part 2! And remember to tune in to Bargain Mansions every Wednesday on the DIY Network 9pm Central 10pm Eastern & Pacific.