This is definitely the largest of all  attained Mansions homes. Adding space both upstairs and downstairs made a big project even bigger. Unfortunately the network was only able to show a limited amount of the large makeover. One of my favorite things about this house was its setting. A private lake in your backyard in the middle of KC is unheard of. Tamara’s opinion, and correctly so was to showcase this home with floor to ceiling windows for a constant view of the lake. This is a very relaxing setting.


If you watched the show, you’ll remember that Tamara and I tried to use a tarnish remover to bring back the original shine on the copper fireplace hood. However, the tarnish remover had a negative effect with the copper and turned it to a crazy bright pink color. We found that the hood was not sealed or treated properly. Tamara had to bring in an expert to clean it, bringing it back to its original state. And how great does it look? I love copper in homes.


Originally, the kitchen was extremely outdated and didn’t offer views of the backyard. We wanted to make sure the kitchen took advantage of the lake view. We removed the old kitchen completely and moved the new kitchen to the back of the house in order to gain the lake view and add value to the home. Tamara kept the kitchen white to make it have a bright/airy feel while overlooking the lake.


Originally, the living room was part of the massive master bedroom overlooking the lake. Before, the master only had two windows so when we took out the master bedroom, we added floor to ceiling windows to allow people to admire that awesome view.


The large window off the kitchen makes this area feel so much brighter. It really is a fantastic eating area!


I hope you all enjoyed our renovation of the Lake House! Check back later this week for the bed and bath of the Lake House.