In the second part of the house, we created a fantastic master suite, a sunroom overlooking the lake in the backyard and took out the 70’s styled elements in the living room to make it more modern. I hope the new homeowners enjoy the new renovations!


We created a luxurious master suite with a raised ceiling. Tamara added small elements like the chandelier and wallpaper to make the room feel more cozy.


Tamara stuck with a gray theme that can also be seen in other elements throughout the house.


I love vaulted ceilings in homes, it makes living areas feel so much more open.


If you watched our lake house episode of Bargain Mansions, you’ll remember the sunroom was originally not part of the house. We added it on and good thing we did because it turned out pretty fantastic.

Definitely my favorite room of the house. Also, what a great idea these doors were, I hope the new owners take full advantage of these great doors!


How great is this lake? This property is such a rare find in the middle of Kansas City. I hope that the owners enjoy this home as much as we did remodeling it!


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