If you have the space for it, a kids playroom is a great investment. My wife, Trish, taught me that it’s important for children to have their own space where imagination and playtime can be at an all time high. Plus, this means less of a mess in the rest of your home! My kids had a specific area for play while growing up and lots of good memories were made in that room (I know what you’re thinking- yes, my kids played outside of hanging up drywall!). Below are some tips on creating a fantastic kids area that also won’t break the bank.

Definitely invest in some kind of storage. Whether it’s cabinets, plastic bins, or cube organizers your children should have a place for everything. This should help eliminate some of the mess (wishful thinking!). Take a look at the storage Tamara added in one of her client’s homes.

Choose a durable rug that can can hide stains.  There’s nothing worse than a bright red popsicle stain on a white carpet! 9 grandkids later and I’ve learned this the hard way!

Tamara taught me that buying play toys like a small tent can spark children’s imaginations, and adds a nice decorative touch. Tamara has great play spaces in her home for her 4 children and lots of her designs stem from those rooms.

Tamara added playful letters to the walls of this playroom for decorative touch. These small details can make a room look more inviting and fun.

Make sure to donate toys that your children have outgrown. This will eliminate clutter and make room for new toys. The Salvation Army and Goodwill are great places that always appreciate used toys!

Lastly, enjoy this room! I can’t tell you how fast kids and grandkids grow up so enjoy this area with them and make memories like I did.