Overall, this home had great bones to build on and I’m glad my wife and I were able snag it! Tamara did a fantastic job designing it and I’m sure we will make many memories here.

I hope you all enjoy our Juniper renovation!


I’m glad we were able to preserve and restore the original fireplace in the master.  


Originally, the master bath had a choppy layout so we tore out walls and opened it up. Now that it’s open, the room has more natural light and is a more convenient layout.



This area was originally attic space that could only be accessed through the hall bathroom. To add more value to the home, we turned the space into a kid’s room. To do this, we turned the bathroom into a hallway so kids won’t be walking through a bathroom to get to their room. We installed a window and dormer in the space to make it an official bedroom.


The new updated bathroom with washer and dryer located conveniently right next to all of the bedrooms.


We encountered major issues with the backyard of the Juniper house. Tamara loved the hand placed cobblestone surrounding the area but unfortunately, we had to tear out the patio step because it was falling apart.  While tearing out the step, we carefully preserved the stone so we could add it back to the step after cement was poured.

During the renovation process, we found that the wood in the outdoor kitchen area was rotted. This area is definitely a selling point of the house so Tamara decided to replace the rotted wood with cedar.

Tamara decided to go with sandstone countertops with choppy edges and I’m glad she did because it looks great. I can’t wait to enjoy this outdoor area when the weather gets nicer!


I hope you all enjoyed our renovation of Juniper, I’m happy to call this my home.

For those of you who do not have access to the DIY Network, on January 13th, HGTV will be airing our Bargain Mansions season premier episode at 10:00-10:30am EST. Be sure to tune in!