8 Cedar pickets measuring 5 1/2″ W x 6″ H x 5/8″ D

1 8′ 2×4

Brad Nailer

18 Gauge Brads

Wood Glue


1 1/4″ screws 

3″ screws

Table Saw

Cabot Semi-Solid Exterior Stain in the color of your choice

Paint Brush


Top (end)- 20” -2 pieces 2′ 3/4” W cut to 45 degrees

top (sides)- 41”- 2 pieces cut to 45 degrees

Bottom frame sides- 36″ – 2 pieces cut to 90 degrees

Bottom frame ends- 13″ – 2 pieces cut to 90 degrees

Sides (long sides): 36″ – 4 pieces 

Sides ( short ends): 17 1/4” – 4 pieces

Bottom Shelf: 16 1/4th” -6 pieces

Corner Pieces: One picket cut in half longways. Cut to 18″ at a 45 degree angle. (8 pieces)

2×4 split long ways equally creating a 2x 2 use for below

Corner Braces: 8 1/4″ – 4 pieces

Bottom Leg Braces: 7″ – 4 pieces


1) Assemble the bottom frame using the spit 2×4. Place the 13″ sections inside the 36″ pieces. Pre-drill the screw holes 1/16″ drill bit and use a 3″ screw to attach the pieces together. Using a wood glue on this join is a great additive.

2) Attach the (6) 16 1/4″ cedar fence planks to the frame using a spacing of 5/16″ to allow for drainage. Utilize 2″ screws and pre- drill the holes with a 1/16″ drill bit. 

3) Attach Corner braces to the four corners of the box frame. This will be what you attach your siding planks to. Pre-drill your holes and then use 2″ screws to secure corner braces. 

4) Attach long side wood planks by pre-drilling holes then using 2″ screws. 

5) Repeat steps to attach the short side wood planks. 

6) Now to add the top end of the box, use the 4 pieces cut to 45 degree angles to create a top frame. Use a finishing nailer to attach this piece as well as pre-drilled holes and 2″ screws. 

7) Attach the corner pieces using the 8 pieces cut to 45 degree angles creating a corner cover. Use a brad nailer for this with 18 gauge braids.

8) Attach 7″ bottom leg braces inside each corner brace and use 2″ screws to assemble. Make sure to pre-drill holes before using screws. (Use wood glue for added support). 

9) Use Cabot Semi-Solid Exterior Stain to finish the project. I used a paint brush and all it took was one coat to bring a pop of color to this beautiful planter. I recommend Cabot over any other stain for many reasons. Not only does this stain help bring out the natural beauty of the wood but With their extra pigmentation, Cabot deck and siding stains are extremely durable and help protect wood against the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Since this is an outdoor planter, this is exactly what I need. I used the color Foothill to finish off this planter and I couldn’t be happier. Check out to see all the beautiful colors of stains they have!

This post is sponsored by Cabot