This past week’s Bargain Mansion featured a classic Kansas City house, an English Tudor. Nestled in one of the most attractive neighborhoods in Kansas City and just minutes from the plaza/ brookside area made this house a great find. Overall, this home was in pretty good shape, just needed minor adjustments like enlarging rooms and making areas brighter to seem more friendly.

I hope you all enjoyed what we did with last week’s Bargain Mansion!


Originally, when someone entered this home through the front door it was a dark enclosed area receiving little to no light.

Aren’t these arches great?

We did minor updates by painting the area a brighter color and staining the floors a new finish which, makes the area seem more open and friendly.


A kitchen should be the heart of the home but this kitchen was choppy, small and outdated. But doesn’t this home have great bones to build on? The archway in the kitchen is really unique and adds a lot of character.

We kept the unique features in this home like the archway and opened up the space in order to fit a large island to allow for maximum cooking/hanging out space.

How great is this? This house is made for dog lovers!


This area of the home was originally a dark cut off room but we turned it into a multipurpose area featuring a chef’s dream pantry, laundry and half bath (not pictured).

How cool are these hardwood floors?


Our main goal was to enlarge this area and make it feel more comfortable for a big family to hang out in. We removed the windows from the back wall and installed French doors that open to the newly renovated patio. Then, we knocked out the dividing wall between the living room and sunroom to create two separate entryways which, allowed for this area to have a more symmetrical flow.


We turned this sunroom into an office space because who wouldn’t want to work in here?


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