This home was generally in better condition from a structural point of view than most of the homes we acquire. Changes to low bearing walls was minimal and structural integrity was above average. Room expansion and relocation were required to bring the property into line with current desires of homeowners.

I think you’ll enjoy the changes to the English Tudor!


The central landing is where all the bedrooms are accessed. Tamara recommended a simple gray to both brighten and open up the area.


The master bedroom was large enough that relocating a minor dividing walls provided the opportunity to expand the master closet.

Adding a small deck off the master is a brilliant idea that I am glad I thought of! I believe it creates an expansive feeling to the room while creating lots of appeal.


The original bathroom was a disaster! What more is there to say. Any change would have been an improvement but with a little imagination it is more than an improvement. It is a stellar improvement.

We added modern features to make this area feel contemporary.


Some new hardwood flooring, new paint, minor structural changes and this English Tudor became a dream home.


The new walk in closet is very functional and has generous storage space.


New tile and updated fixtures improved the hall bath considerably.




This is an outdoor cooks dream come true! The spacious patio, generous cooking area and all of the beautiful mansions to look at surrounding this home creates a great place to spend an evening with friends!

I hope you all enjoyed our renovation of the English Tudor. Join us next Wednesday for an all new episode of Bargain Mansions on the DIY Network 9pm CT.