What an absolute mess this house was before! Some might think that a gutted house makes redoing homes easier, but it gets tricky when theres no electricity, water, etc. It’s safe to say this house was an extreme project! 

Another contractor actually started working on this home but quit after realizing he got himself in too deep! The house was not structurally sound and so he deserted it. Although this house is a nightmare, it was a great find for us!

If you watched the Charlotte episode of Bargain Mansions you’ll remember that this home was originally 3 separate apartments, so it was made up of extremely compact rooms with little to no space. Our goal was to restore this home to its natural beauty and open it up so a large family could enjoy it!

Tamara did a great job of eyeing how every room was going to be laid out in this gutted area. 


The living room originally had a wall in the middle dividing spaces, so we took that wall out to made it more sizable to fit a big family. I don’t know what it is about these older homes, they all seem to have multiple small rooms back to back making spaces feel choppy and awkward, maybe it was a sign of wealth!


I’m no interior designer but I love the way this black kitchen turned out. It’s rustic yet elegant at the same time. Definitely a great place for a family to gather!


The exposed beams and dark wood make this eating area feel cozy and modern.


It’s hard to make a fireplace look “natural” when it’s so small but adding bright tiles and wood makes it have that natural/cozy feel.

I would not mind getting some work done in this office! Also, how great is the book light? I love that feature.

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