Tamara loves restoring and saving old features of each of the houses we remodel but, in this case the home was completely gutted which made it hard to restore special elements of the house! In the upstairs, we added new features designed to look older in order to allow this home to still have its 100 year old charm. I hope you all enjoy what we did with this home!


Adding the wallpaper and chandelier makes this room feel extremely cozy. I’m also loving the refurbished oak hardwood floors, how great are those?


The great thing about older homes is the possibility of exposed brick you find while renovating. A lot of our homes on Bargain Mansion have this exposed brick, which I love.


This tile and sink reminds me of something that might have been original to this home if it wasn’t already gutted.

If you tuned in to our Bargain Mansions episode on our Charlotte house, you’ll remember the home was split up into three apartments with these metal stairs allowing entry to all of the separate areas. We took out the stairs and saved a few metal plates to use in the laundry room to allow for extra storage.

We cleaned up the metal plates and drilled them to the wall. I would not mind doing my laundry here!


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