Every once and awhile Tamara will show me the finished product of a home she’s designed and I’m standing there wondering why my home can’t look like that. Is anyone with me?! I would love to have a dressed up home that looks fancy but is also budget friendly. Read my tips below on inexpensive ways to make your home look fancy (Tamara Day approved).

  1. Minimalism is key. Sometimes overcrowding your home with decorations can be seen as clutter rather than a well-decorated area. Have you ever heard the saying, “Less is more.” Buying fewer pieces is a great way to stay on budget and it looks better. Take a look at the wet bar at our Lake House. Anymore decorations added might come off as cluttered but keeping the decorations to a minimum draws your eyes to the area without coming off as distasteful.

Bar Sink and Faucet: Kohler | Marble Backsplash: Daltile | Pulls and Ice Bucket: Addison Weeks 

  1. Changing pillow covers and adding a fresh coat of paint.

Sometimes seeing the same room everyday can become boring to you. While  tearing out walls and changing the structure of a room might put you over budget, changing small decorations can save you money and give a room the face lift it needs. Tamara uses bold pillows in many of our Bargain Mansions homes. Take a look below!

Pillows: Weave Gotcha Covered | Decor Items: Growing Days Collection available at Restoration Emporium

  1. Add a new area rug.

Especially in main traffic areas, rugs can get extremely dirty, lose their color and look more flimsy than they did at the beginning of their life. One of my wife’s favorite budget friendly stores to shop for rugs are World Market and Wayfair. Take a look at some of the Bargain Mansion rugs below.

Artwork: Kelly O’Neal | Mantle decor: Growing Days Inventory found at Restoration Emporium

Artwork: Leopold | White Spikey Pots: Growing Days Inventory found at Restoration Emporium | Side table: Arteriors Home | Gold Lanterns: Pottery Barn

  1. Invest in a new throw blanket.

This is probably the least time consuming way to dress up a room. Tamara adds throw blankets to all of our Bargain Mansion homes. In my experience, a cheap place to shop for a throw blankets is T.J.Maxx.

  1. Lighting makes a difference.

Adding fresh lighting, like my Daughter does on Bargain Mansions, can make a room go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Chairs & Cherries: Growing Days Collection found at Restoration Emporium | Wallpaper: Seabrook | Lighting: Wilson Lighting

  1. Change out old picture frames

Sometimes when you see something everyday, like a picture frame, you don’t realize how outdated it is. Take a trip to Hobby Lobby and pick out new frames. Even something so minuscule as changing out picture frames can update a room significantly.

  1. Update your artwork or add some

Thankfully, Tamara has a good eye for artwork and always puts extravagant pieces in all of our Bargain Mansion homes. Nothing can set your home apart from other homes more than a staple piece of artwork. Take a look at some of the Bargain Mansion art below.

My last tip for you all is to call Tamara Day and see what she can do for your home. Just kidding! I hope I’ve given you good tips and inspired you to fix up your home.