As a successful business and family man, Ward has been building and fixing things all his life. Those skills became even sweeter when he was able to join his daughter, interior designer Tamara Day, as she transformed neglected homes into bargain mansions.

Their pet project is now a TV special with the DIY Television Network called “Bargain Mansions.” Ward co-stars with his daughter as they continue to turn forgotten houses into beautiful, modern family homes.

By chance, he stopped one day at his daughter Tamara’s house when the video crew was filming teasers for “Bargain Mansions.” When a producer asked Ward to step in, Ward obliged just for the fun of it. He was a hit, and now Tamara and Ward have a corner on the father-daughter DIY TV show market.

“It is very enjoyable to spend time with Tamara and develop a new and unexpected career,” Ward said. “A TV show was the farthest thing from what I imagined what my next career might be. I cannot quit and don’t want to.”

Ward, Tamara, and their team are currently filming the 12-episode series which will air this Fall.