An outdoor grilling area really completes a home and it’s a great space for friends and family to gather outside while also adding tons of value to a home. All of the outdoor kitchens featured on Bargain Mansions turned out great and I’m excited to share them with you all!


The backyard of the English Tudor overlooks the beautiful mansions surrounding the home so it only made sense that we made a chef’s outdoor dream kitchen while enlarging the area to make space for more people.

Before, the outdoor area had a great seating area but could only sit a few people so we wanted to enlarge the area so more people could enjoy it.

We removed the previous cracked concrete and added new concrete.

We added hickory to the back wall of the home to match the kitchenette. How great does that look? I love the appearance of hickory, it looks very modern and crisp.

We laid down all of the pavers and decided to seal in medium sized rocks with smaller rocks in between pavers to allow for low maintenance for the homeowners.

The full outdoor kitchenette consists of a full sized grill, refrigerator and trash can all surrounded by solid hickory, topped with quartz. I love the way this kitchenette turned out.


Originally, the Juniper house had a great outdoor kitchenette but the wood was rotting which made it no longer functional. We decided to keep the blueprint of the area and take out the moldy wood and add new cedar. The updated look is more fresh and modern, I’m lucky to call this kitchenette mine!

Tamara went with specialty choppy sandstone countertops to match the cedar.

The warmer weather can’t come soon enough! Im counting down the days until my family and I can use this fabulous area.  


Originally, in the backyard of the lake house sat an abandoned, torn up pool that hadn’t been touched in years. We figured it would be cheaper to fill in the neglected pool with concrete and start fresh.

Tamara and I knew we needed to make this area special because the backyard faced a beautiful lake- something that is hard to find in Kansas City.

How great are the fold away doors? What a smart invention!

We stuck with another natural wood for the outdoor grilling area. 

I hope you all enjoyed our outdoor kitchenette renovations!

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