Ward Schraeder is a jack of all trades. Work has always been a part of Ward’s life. From building his own home to starting and building up a variety of businesses including medical management, banking, farming, construction, and even a winery, Ward has become a successful entrepreneur with a Midwest work ethic.

In the last 20 years, Ward has developed his many interests into flourishing companies across the Midwest. He is a partner in Medical Development Management, which owns hospitals and assisted living facilities and operates Kearney Regional Medical Center and Brookfield Assisted Living. He is also a partner in Bank VI in Salina, KS. Outside his home state, Ward also owns an imaging center in Oregon as well as a winery.

“I enjoy the deal,” Ward said of his business experience. “I negotiate all development with potential partners and structure the deal to succeed. After that, I have many talented people on staff, capable of operating the variety of entities that we are involved in.”

Ward enjoys time with family, being outdoors, and working with his hands. These hobbies have grown into many side businesses, the most recent being his appearance on the DIY Network show “Bargain Mansions” with his daughter Tamara Day. He spends his time outdoors working on his ranch, which spans several thousand acres in western Kansas.


A natural handyman, Ward has been building and fixing things all his life. Ward helped his father rebuild his grandfather’s ranch house. When Ward and his wife bought their first home in Davenport, Iowa, he spent many weekends rebuilding it, teaching his children the value of hard work along the way.

“Out of sheer necessity, we couldn’t afford to have it finished, so I did the painting, basement construction, and decking to finish the home,” Ward said.

Ward loved the process so much that he remodeled two more homes. He started buying commercial buildings and houses that needed remodeling, then renting them out when they were finished. That led to commercial construction. When he started developing and operating hospitals, his work morphed into the construction of massive medical projects, creating a thriving business in medical center management and development.

His business philosophy is to find something broken, fix it, and turn it into a success. So it’s no surprise that Ward joined his daughter Tamara Day and her husband Bill to help them remodel homes. Now, Ward is a part of the “Bargain Mansions” team as he helps Tamara redo six homes in the Kansas City area.